Why Fish With Us?

The wait is over! River Plate’s World Record Dorado fishing spot is now booking again! The area has been unfished for 9 years, and now River Plate Guests can experience this location exclusively! Only two boats are able to get in the Tailwater and only our guests can get in on any action with in it.

The venue is in northwestern Uruguay on the Uruguay River between Uruguay and Argentina. The Lodging is at our elegant exclusive Quiroga Suites overlooking Salto Grande dam, 500 yards from River Plate’s private venue. The fishery is reachable from Buenos Aires and Montevideo on direct flights from most gateways in the US, or even from Brazil should guests decide to combine Dorado with other of our programs.



Most guests use our air charter to Concordia (Argentina) or to Salto (Uruguay) both at a 20-minute drive from the Quiroga Suites. The one-way charter flight takes about an hour from either international airport. The drive between Quiroga Suites from either international airport takes 5 ½ hours.

From Argentina’s International Airport
From Uruguay’s International Airport

The Dorado’s in our Tailwater venue reach incredible size and number due to the large amount of food being flushed through the dam’s turbines. The unusually large biomass, or total mass of organisms in the water below El Salto Dam, coupled with a superabundance of oxygen due to the whirling of the turbines, creates a uniquely rich, Jurassic-like environment presided over by outsized apex-predator dorados that just get larger and larger as they age. At times, great blocks of water below the dam erupt with dorado in a breathtaking display of brute power that has made many
anglers’ hands tremble with buck fever and excitement. Look at the faces of some of our guests!

All fishing is done from wide, 21-foot shallow-draft fiberglass bass boats with two large casting platforms. The boats are powered with 90-horsepower outboard engines, backed up by a 15-horsepower reserve outboard. The boats are plenty large and well suited to accommodate two baitcasting/spin anglers or two fly anglers. Our staff at the location will provide you with baitcasting/spin equipment for your trip, but guests are welcome to bring their own fishing equipment should they desire.

Another For the Books

Our Golden Dorado Tailwater keeps on breaking world recordsOur friend and guest Gary Carter during the first week of March 2023 landed a gorgeous 46 pounder setting a new IGFA 20-lb Line Class World Record for the species. On the next day he caught a 43.8 pounder setting another record, this time for 12-lb Line Class World Record!

Congratulations Gary!