When to go?

Our Fishing Venue is open all year long, and fishing is excellent whenever you want to come. There are seasonal trade-offs, however, that correlate with average monthly temperatures, shifting the sweet spot back and forth between size and quantity of fish you are likely to catch.

May thru October: These are our colder winter months, coinciding with the spawning season. At this time of year, you will likely land larger trophies but fewer fish overall.

November thru April: These are our summer months when the fish seem to be everywhere but just not quite as large as during our winter months. Days are long this time of year, with 13 hours of sunlight. Three-to-five-hour breaks at midday for lunch and a siesta become routine. Your arms give away long before the Dorados do!

Something that our clients tend to do is combine their Dorado experience with other programs in order to make the most out of their travel to South America. Check our “Other Programs” for further information.