Other Programs

River Plate has a variety of programs that might be of interest to you, being it in combination with Dorados, or stand alone, we surely have something to excite you! Remember to ask our Specialists about the combination of programs, for you to make the most out of your trip!

Peacock Bass

Fishing Peacock Bass is a challenge that any angler enjoys, and there is no better place to find it than the Amazon River in Brazil. But this, of course, is no secret, that’s why so many people have been traveling to this place to challenge the fish, and that has turned this into an overcrowded experience. But that is not a problem with River Plate. We have exclusive rights to operate in 10 private waters scattered across the Amazon bed, which would assure not only that you will have fewer anglers around you, but also a higher density of fish in these, almost zero-human-presence rivers.

The chance to combine Dorados with Amazon Peacock Bass on the same trip requires a minimum of 5 nights in the Brazil and 4 nights in Uruguay

Cast + 3 Feathers
Dorado + Pigeon,
Perdiz and Dove.

Combine the Dorado experience with Wingshooting at one of our amazing venues in either Argentina or Uruguay. To combine wingshooting on the same trip requires ONLY a minimum of 3 nights. The easy linkage of these two activities stems from the almost ideal location of our fishery with a 10-45 minute drives for high volume decoying pigeon and roost
dove hunting plus common perdiz over dogs.