Golden Dorado Tailwater
(the zone)

Our 3 Keys

Key # 01:

The Only Proven Non-Fickle Fishery.

A total of  twenty three (23) IFGA baitcasting and fly fishing world records were broken in various categories. The All-Tackle World Record was broken twice. The second fish was so large it reigns supreme now for more than a decade!

Expect over 20 dorados for each of the only two authorized  boats allowed in this private fishery. A third of those fish should weigh more than 15 pounds! 

Key # 02:

World’s Best Habitat with No Fishing Pressure.

Back in 2013, River Plate acquired the rights at a public auction for the exclusive right to use the only two boats for the Uruguay River Tailwaters. The large amount of food being flushed through the dam’s turbines coupled with a superabundance of oxygen due to the whirling of the turbines, creates a uniquely rich, Jurassic-like environment presided over by outsized apex-predator dorados that just get larger and larger as they age in staggering numbers .

Key # 03:

The Best Cast & Blast

The Tailwater lodging is 500 yards from the fishery but, most importantly, it also finds itself in the perfect mixed-bag location where partridge (perdiz) cover is abundant, where pigeon grain fields are everywhere, where ponds & lagoons full of duck, and dove roosts are just a short drive away on good roads. And, none better than River Plate’s 35-year experience to replicate the high level of service that we offer throughout our 9 world-class wing shooting lodges.

We can easily combine a long week’s fishing of Dorado with Amazon Peacock Bass for the true Tropical Fish Grand Slam.