Peacock Bass

If you are planning to dive in our Dorado program, you might as well take the opportunity to stop by the Amazonas and fish Peacock Bass in one fell swoop!

Fishing Peacock Bass is a challenge that any angler, being experienced or novice, enjoys, and there is no better place to find it than the Amazon River in Brazil. But this, of course, is no secret, that’s why so many people have been traveling to this place to challenge the fish, and that has turned this into an overcrowded experience.

But that is not a problem with River Plate. We have exclusive rights to operate in 12 private waters scattered across 1000-mile sphere of wilderness with almost zero-human-presence in which we can “cherry-pick”, from the 12 private rivers, the lowest water levels for larger concentrations of fish.

Another of the key attractive factors of these locations is that you can fish almost all year through! The fishing seasons with River Plate extend from July thru February, which are the low-water months in the Amazon Basin.

At these times, almost 80% of the flooded jungle dries up, which makes Peacock Bass concentrate in key areas.

Depending on the date of your trip, we put you on our planning board under the appropriate Season-Zone heading. Yet, in case the unexpected happens, like rainfall anomalies, we also assign all clients a backup location for fishing. Our mission is to provide each one of our guests with an experience and a tale to share back home.

North East Zone = Jan, Feb 

North West Zone = Sept, Dec

South East Zone = July, Aug

South West Zone = Sept, Oct